Mr jonny b


Born in London UK, Jonny was drawn to sound systems and DJ business from a very young age. 

Jonny B has been exposed to a variety of music, such as R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Soca, Reggae, Dancehall, Lovers Rock and Revival.

Growing up in a musical family Jonny B’s passion for music has always drawn him closer to his uncle who was the popular DJ’s in the family. Despite his parent’s hesitation of him playing music at such a tender age, Jonny B always played a major role in his uncle’s events by setting up and getting equipment ready. Whether it was for a birthday party, christening, wedding, family gathering, BBQ’s or a school dance, Jonny B took pleasure setting up the sound system because he knew he would get a chance to mix the first couple of tunes while his uncle ensure the sound system was playing to perfection.

Years later Jonny B, along with with a few friends and his brothers formed ”Sound Fusion”. Together they gained their popularity through radio, private bookings and the club events in South London. However, as everyone had different dreams and went separate ways. Jonny B later joined ”City Vybez” and became DJ Jonny B. CityVybez quickly became the talk of South London. London was only the starter for the team, as they soon were playing in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton and Wolverhampton in a very short period. However, City Vybez team members decided that they wanted to do solo projects. It was at this point, DJ Jonny B became Mr Jonny B.

Mr Jonny B continued on to share his passion for music with the world by creating mixed CD’s and free podcasts. Hot and Exclusive, In The Nineties, Tributes, 90′s, and live sessions are just a few of the music that Jonny B has available online for free download. This is circulated on ITunes, Soundcloud and all over his social Networks. Mr Jonny B’s fan base has grew not just locally but internationally. Mr Jonny B continues to DJ, host and entertain at club events and private bookings, teaming up with close friends to create “The Mr. Men”. To share their passion for music. He’s now ready for the next chapter music has to bring, by exploring bigger and exciting new challenges.